Meet Our Bali Artisan Partners

In a small village in east Bali, Pak Saba artisans work in a safe and supportive environment, earn fair wages, and have access to a larger marketplace through The Bali Curator organization. Each piece is eco-consciously handwoven with atta, a grass-fiber stronger than rattan, that’s grown locally in their village. Depending on the size of product, it can take weeks to finish weaving by hand.

Together with TERRA, we empower villagers in this Balinese community to earn more financially by bringing their unique and long-lasting products to a wider audience in the United States.

The process of working with atta begins with villagers harvesting it by hand. From there, they air dry the fibers to create a durable material. Once the fibers have dried, these are then handwoven into beautiful creations. The artisans will then allow days for these products to air dry even further in the sun. Once hardened and dried to their new form, each piece will spend time in a smoker-like oven to finish the process. Essentially being cooked, this is how the woven products develop their darker color. Each piece may continue to smell like smoke for some time, even after arriving in your hands. But don't worry, it's not harmful and the scent will dissipate.
Behind the scenes of meeting our artisans in Bali