TERRA Founder, Dianna Allen

Dianna Allen is the one-woman-team behind TERRA. After spending years away from home traveling through Europe and Asia, she returned to St. Louis, MO. in 2019. Embracing her true entrepreneurial spirit, she founded TERRA before she even bothered to unpack her suitcase.

Having explored various countries around the world, Dianna felt inspired to create a brand that focuses on the beauty that surrounds us. From lush palm trees on Thai islands to sweet blueberries in Swedish forests; what better way to capture these seasonal aromas than in a candle!

Being a brand that represented these natural beauties, but also is kind to the Earth itself is the vision that lead Dianna to bring TERRA to life.

Within 6 months, TERRA grew quicker than Dianna could ever imagine. Starting with making a few candles over the kitchen stove to now having a dedicated candle studio.

Thank you for supporting this dream