TERRA Transparency: Daily Practices and Company Values

TERRA Transparency: Daily Practices and Company Values

TERRA prides itself on being an eco-conscious company. From our daily practices to the overall company values, it's important that we share and highlight exactly how this business operates.

Being transparent in our processes and products allows you, our customer, to feel safe and empowered knowing that your money supports the better good. When Dianna, TERRA founder, brainstormed all that TERRA could, should, and would be, she focused on creating and outputting products in the best eco-friendly ways as possible.


Starting with minimal ingredients, TERRA refuses to create products with unnecessary components. Some ingredients, such as dyes, are purely for aesthetics and we find that if a product performs well without these additions, then it simply is not needed.

Reducing the use of ingredients where possible, also reduces our carbon footprint by minimizing frequent supply shipments.

A product made simply not only affects the Earth, but also you. As a home fragrance brand, we are at peace knowing that you are not inhaling toxins as your candle burns. Have you ever looked at Bath & Body Works ingredients within their candles? There's 20+ ingredients... our candles have 3.


Our packaging also reflects our values in being an eco-conscious brand. From reusable vessels, wildflower seed dust covers, and infinitely recyclable metal tins, we do our best to encourage you to not throw away your products once they have finished.

We also take precaution when it comes to shipping supplies. We almost strictly avoid the use of plastic. The only time you will find bubble wrap, styrofoam, and other wasteful materials use is when we reuse them from other orders we have received. Other than that, you will find that our shipping supplies consists of paper and cardboard.


Taking steps towards eco-friendliness is at the top of our list every day. And we are not perfect, but we consistently try. We revisit our products and daily practices all the time, seeking out where we can improve.

If you were a customer a year ago, you may have remembered the candle sampler sets. We've done away with those as the container and overall product packaging did not align with what we believe in. However, you may notice that our wax melts are still packaged in plastic. The good news is that those are recyclable under code 3, which is accepted by most curbside services.

Like we said, we are not perfect –– but being aware, educated, and sharing our knowledge can help us all work towards a cleaner and greener future.

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